Qarlo x Qargent

Arab - Reg. # 0598911  Foaled 6/20/2002


This purebred Arabian mare crosses so well with Lance.  She stands 14-1 and has superior hunter type movement.



Cedar's Charm 


Hearnesbrook Dunoon x Nicole of Wendover

Purebred Connemara, Reg. # M 1999 XXXVIII

Foaled 3/20/98


Charm stands 13 hands and has given us two exceptional fillies from Lance.  She's shy and very unassertive with herd mates and with people.  We have taken her from the pasture to be ridden after several years of being a brood mare and she acts like she gets ridden daily.  She is a sweetheart.

Legacy's Charming Jasmine


Pattys E'toile de Paris x Cedar's Charm

Purebred Connemara, Reg. # M 4093 LI

Foaled 3/28/09


From the day she was born Jasmine couldn't understand that she was a pony and not one of us.  She loved hanging out in the yard while we were outside.  She'll truly come running from 1/4 mile away when she sees us coming to visit in the pasture.  She's currently in foal to her first Lance baby and we have very high hopes!

Riley - This extrordinary mare is a 16-3 Hanoverian.  As you can see by the pictures she's a beauty but what you can't see is what an incredibly sweet, gentle mare she is.  Riley is on loan to us from Dennis Goodwin.

We are grateful to three special mares that are no longer with us:

Our sweet, sweet Princess; Bobs' special friend, Shadow; & lovely Thoroughbred mare, Twilight.